Raven Mitten Paws

I'm thrilled to introduce the newest member of our family.  This is our gorgeous little Raven.

She is a Ragdoll x Domestic and has the loudest purr I have ever heard!  

She is very vocal. Even when she is enjoying a pat on your lap, she is still talking.  

She is a happy kitty who loves to play and loves company. 

We had been looking for a rescue kitten, but when I saw her at the pet shop it was love at first sight. When I held her it just felt right and she felt right. The kids were smitten straight away too. I just knew she would be perfect for our family.  

We got her 7 days ago and it has been a rocky seven days. I have had her to the vet almost every day with various concerns including a terrible tummy bug. Poor little thing. We have been very lucky that she is a little guts and has been eating and drinking well to compensate.  

The unlucky side effect was that she was a stinky little kitty, so we gave her a bath.
And it was a funny as it looks. 

On Monday we saw two different vets. We noticed within a few days that she did not react when our smoke alarm went off. Then we noticed if we clapped or clicked behind her she did not react. The vets confirmed she is hearing impaired to an unknown degree. It broke my heart. We had discussed the possibility with the kids yesterday of her having hearing issues and we all agreed even if she was deaf, we could not part with her. In such a short amount of time she had stolen all our hearts.

We've done our research and spoken to the vets and we know that she will still have a happy and loving life with us. She will be an indoor cat, as is our other cat, Sparkles.  Speaking of which, we are still in the introduction stage with them both. When we first introduced them, Sparkles was not happy at all. But she is slowly getting used to the new kitten and I'm hoping they can be great friends. 

So, our little Raven has humbled us and reminded us that you are still precious, even if you are not perfect.  She has touched our hearts and brought happiness into our lives. 

Thank you my little Raven Mitten Paws. xxx

:) Julie


  1. She is a beautiful kitten and after such a rocky start i'm sure she'll have a wonderful life with your family.

  2. Aww! She is so cute! I am so glad you are willing to keep her, imperfections and all. After all, we all have imperfections! Enjoy!


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