Master Bedroom in Blue and White

You might remember in December I got a new bed ...
The room was painted in Natural White, with neutral bedding and artwork,
and sheer white curtains.

Well, we still have the bed, I've just made a few changes to the rest of the room ...

I guess the big change is the wall colour. I went from Dulux Natural White to Dulux Canadian Sky, but only on the opposite walls. I kept the middle two walls Natural White. I love the contrast in the corners of the room.

I also bought new bedding. The white quilt cover was from Kmart and I absolutely love it.

I also purchased a pale blue plush blanket which is super soft and super warm. Also from Kmart.

I went with some new blue sheets and pillow cases from Target. 

And recovered our lampshades with spare brown fabric.

I also added new woodgrain tops to our bedside tables. 

I hung a DIY white window frame above our bed. 

And my husband got a new white cane washing basket. (If only he would use it!)

The other side of the room has our mirrored door wardrobe. 
I've tried covering them but ended up taking the fabric down. 
Given we have such a small room it actually helps to have the mirrors.

The opposite wall has a huge window which lets in lots of sunlight
(and is super hard to photograph so you may have to use your imagination).

I replaced the curtains with new ones in a stone colour from Kmart.
They are block out so the sun isn't waking us up anymore.
I also added a new curtain rod from Ikea.
The stone curtains look perfect against the Natural White walls.
Again, I love the contrast of the blue walls.

The opposite blue wall has my husband's computer desk, 

TV and tallboys.

 I made the framed birds and nest in a wreath. 

And the little foot stool by the door is perfect for putting my stuff. 

And this is the view back out into the hall. 

Our bedroom might be small, but it is definitely cozy. 

:) Julie


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