Snow Season Grey and White Board and Baton Hallway

I'm so excited to be sharing my new grey and white board and baton hallway with you! 

Please excuse the use of artificial light for these photos, but it has been raining non stop here in Sydney, with no end in sight, and even on a good day, this hall doesn't get much natural light, so it is what it is. 

I've been crushing on grey a lot lately, and decided to try out a shade of grey called Dulux Snow Season in our master bedroom. It turned out lovely, but I'm still tweaking our room before I share.  However, this gave me the idea to carry the same colour out into the hallway.

A few years back I installed DIY board and baton using MDF in our entryway, and painted it using British Paints H2O semi gloss in White. I painted the above wall in Dulux Natural White which has a warm undertone and provided a nice contrast.

Around the corner is our hallway. I always planned on carrying the board and baton around into the hall, but it is a time consuming job so I kept putting if off. 

But then I tried my new favourite grey paint in the entryway and it was a done deal. I would have to do the hallway too.

Here is how the hallway looked prior. The walls were a painted Dulux Natural White and I had a red oriental runner that we bought about 5 years ago. Pretty boring.

And looking down the other side of the hallway. With my MDF sheets ready to measure and cut. Such a time consuming job, but affordable and well worth it in the end.

And here is the only photo I got of the board and baton installation. Not sure why, I must have been so busy I forgot. In short, after measuring and cutting my strips I penciled a line on the wall using a spirit level to make sure my boards would be straight. Then I used Liquid Nails and small tacking nails to adhere them. Then I used a punch to punch all the nails, and filler to fill the nail holes and all the joins.  This took a few days.

Then I applied a primer to the walls and the MDF to prep it for my topcoat of British Paints H2O in white semi gloss. Then 2 top coats and finally my 2 coats of my Dulux Snow Season.

I also replaced the red runner with a new grey and white one from Bunnings. It's a bit smaller than our last one so it might take a bit of getting used to.

Otherwise, I totally love our new hallway. 

And here are the before and after photos...



I might add some artwork or a mirror or a pop of something black, if I find something I really like.
In the interim, the MDF adds enough texture and interest.

Next up I'll be sharing some of my Easter decorating. 

:) Julie

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  1. It looks fantastic, Julie. I'm sure it was a lot of work but it has paid off - great job!

    1. Thanks JoAnne! Yes, I am so glad it's complete.

  2. You did an awesome job! Love gray and white!

  3. That really adds so much to the hallway! This will be one of my future projects!

  4. Huge difference. You did a great job! Enjoy! Cynthia


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