Snow Season Grey Master Bedroom with Extended Board and Baton

As promised, here is the reveal of our master bedroom!

After painting the walls Taubmans Snow Season Grey, I decided I wanted to extend the white board and baton up the wall so you could see it instead of it hiding behind the furniture.

So, as with all my board and baton projects, I grabbed a few sheets of MDF and cut them to size, attaching them to the wall with Liquid Nails. Usually I would nail them as well, but this time I used extra Liquid Nails, so the nails weren't needed. And, as the MDF was only 3mm, I didn't need to caulk all the boards either, just the seams. 

And this was the finished result. 

I love how the grey and white contrast with the stone coloured curtains and black curtain rods. 

I made the shelf above the bed from scrap pine. 

And I added some deep grey sheets and a fleecy blanket for contrast against our white quilt cover.

The board and baton was extended on the other walls too.

I also purchased this really cool round mirror.

Typically I'm a very beige sort of neutral girl, so I'm not sure how long the grey might last, but for the moment, I'm finding the grey quite calming.

:) Julie