Baking Pan Tiered Tray Tutorial

This was one of those projects I had on my "want to do one day list".  You know the list, I'm sure you have one too.

I didn't have any old tins, so I purchased my supplies from Big W and The Reject Shop. They included baking tins and a pizza tray in various sizes, and a wooden rolling pin. Total cost of pans and rolling pin was $19. You'll also need a few screws and I used Liquid Nails as well.

Step 1. Use the cardboard liners to find the centres of your pans. I did this by folding it in quarters and poking a hole in the centre of the cardboard.

Step 2.  Lay the cardboard back in the pan and using a permanent marker, mark out the centre on the pan through the hole you made.

Your pans will look like this.

Step 3. Use a hammer and nail to make a small hole in each tin. This helps with positioning the drill.

Step 4. Drill out your holes to the size of your screws.

Step 5. Drill a hole in each end of your dowel, appropriate to your screw size.

Step 6. Lay your pans down and position them against the dowel to see where you want your middle pan. Mark out where the bottom of the middle pan sits. This is where you will cut your dowel.

Step 7. Saw your dowel. I used our new Dewalt Mitre Saw. I love that thing. 
Also, grab two screws for the top and bottom of your tiers, and one you can cut to become a double ended screw for the middle tier.

Step 8. Drill holes in the middle sections of your dowels that you just cut.

Step 9. Screw in your middle screw. I didn't have a double ended screw, so I used one I could cut.

Step 10. Cut you screw with pliers if you need to.

Step 12. I actually cut a small section of my dowel again, and placed it on my top tray before screwing it into the top dowel.  I then used Liquid Nails on my screw and dowels to give them more strength.  Do the same with the bottom dowel.

I used a piece of wood on the bottom of my tray to strengthen it as it was a bit flimsy.

Step 13. Screw your middle sections together. Again I used Liquid Nails on the screws and dowels to give it more strength.

And ta da, you're done.

I'll be using ours as a fruit stand in the kitchen.