The Tree is Up!

While I've been working on a few small projects, I haven't done any official decorating,
except to put our Christmas Tree is up!

And I wanted to share with you the neutral rustic farmhouse theme I have chosen to go with this year.

Last week I pulled out all our decorations (boxes upon boxes) and
did a hardcore cull of all the decorations we don't use or need.

I still kept a good stash and can't wait to decorate the house.
But in the interim, here are the ones I used on our tree.

I went with a simple burlap wrapped star for our tree topper.

The only new purchases were the large white baubles and the tree lights.
Everything else was hand made from years past.

Including the burlap and cardboard stars, the pinecone flowers, the white clay ornaments,

the white cardboard baubles, the painted pinecones and the paper doily garland.

And to display the tree in, I used a gorgeous large woven natural basket.

And these are our new lights. They are so easy to put on! There is a cap that sits on the top of your tree and the light strings literally drape down the sides. They look so pretty on the tree and the fairy lights are evenly distributed over the tree. Gone are the days of wrapping each branch and making myself dizzy walking in circles around the tree! They were only $30 from Bunnings and I can't recommend them enough.

Can you believe it is only 7 weeks till Christmas?!

:) Julie