Master Bedroom Makeover

I know, I know. I can hardly believe it myself. I added colour to our room!
I just needed a change. A happy, bright, bold, but cosy change.
And I think I achieved this.
(With a little help from Joanna Gains.) 
I wanted a colour similar to Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Green as seen below:

I found this colour called Dinosaur in the Dulux range.
And it is almost identical. It darkens up nicely at night and looks brighter during the day.
And it really makes the wainscotting stand out.
I've never liked colour in my home, but green reminds me of nature.
I also printed off some new artwork for the wall. I love these beautiful farm animal prints.
You may have also noticed my new bed from Early Settler.  I love this bed!
I love the wood tone and it's so comfortable.

And lastly, I also purchased new bedding from Sheridan and Adairs. The one pictured is from Sheridan and is a gorgeous navy colour and made from luxurious fabric. Lucky for me it was sale. :) .

I also got this sage green quilt cover from Adairs in a similar fabric.

Here is a before photo of our room ...

And now ...

I'm learning I actually like colour, but not bright colours, more muted shades.