Cute Drop Cloth Foot Stools

I have been wanting some cute little kids seats/foot stools for the living room for a while now.
We have had these great bean bags for a while now. Unfortunately they don't have zips to refill the beans, so last time I unpicked the stitching to refill them, and then re-sewed them up. It was messy and time consuming. And they quickly deflated again.
I had my eye on these macrame stools, but at $200 a pop it wasn't happening.
Then I spotted these stools at Amart a while back. They were only $29 each, but none of the cover designs really matched our decor so I kept looking.  Then they had a sale. At $22 each, I was sold. I grabbed two lovely pinks ones. 
 Then I grabbed my stash of drop cloth fabric and measured them up for new covers.
 Here is my new cover all ready to sew up.
 And the finished product! 
 And given the covers are removable and washable is just a bonus.
 They are also really well made and I love the 4 legs, whereas some I saw only had 3. 
The kids love them too as they can still sit at the coffee table quite comfortably. And they also make perfect foot stools. 
Sometimes you just have to wait for a sale and restyle to your style. 
:) Julie