Old Wooden Card Filing Drawers

I wasn't going to go to the markets last weekend. I was tired and sick and thought to myself if I couldn't get up early, I just wouldn't go. 
But fate must have stepped in cause I did wake up early and I did find the energy to get ready and get there. 
And I'm SO glad I did! 
Cause this is where I spotted these gorgeous old wooden card filing drawers...
My heart raced, my eyes popped, and my hands reached. I swear I even heard music and they glowed.  Okay, maybe that is a bit over the top. But you know that feeling, right?
And so home with me they came. :)
I printed some faux vintage labels for the inserts, and have proudly displayed them in the living room for all to admire. Hehe. 
In fact, it was a fantastic shopping day.
I can't wait to share the other goodies I got there as well!

:) Julie