Vintage Cast Iron Balance Scales

Remember the market I went to a little while ago, well I also almost had heart failure when I spotted these super cute vintage Reendo cast iron balance scales. Here they are all cleaned up.
And here they are before they were all cleaned up. They were so dirty and rusty.
To begin, I soaked the weights in vinegar in a glass container covered with glad wrap for a few hours.
You can really see the vinegar reacting with rust.
Then I took them out and scrubbed them with steel wool. Then put them back in more vinegar and scrubbed them again.  
Didn't they come up beautifully. 
I also used vinegar on steel wood to clean up the scales.  Lastly I wiped over everything with WD40 to make them really shine.
 I decided to display the scales with some of the weights on the entryway table.  
I'll be sharing the full entryway with you shortly.
:) Julie