Farmhouse Style Filing Cabinet Makeover

This is one of those projects you complete, but forget to blog. Better late than never.
I've had this black filing cabinet for a few years. I always liked the black contrast it brought to the office, but I didn't like the plastic handles.  It was time for a makeover. 
I popped out the handles easily. But that left 2 large holes in the drawer fronts.
The only solution was to cover them.  So I grabbed some MDF and cut rectangles to a size that complimented the drawers and made it look like they had always been there.  
While I was at it I grabbed some new drawer handles from Ikea and I had the label inserts.
To attached the MDF I used liquid nails. 

Next I measured up where I wanted to attach my drawer handles and marked out where I needed to drill. 
And drilled my holes.
Then attached the handles to help keep the MDF flat while it dried. 
Next I marked out where I wanted my label holders.
The gold wasn't really blending with the metal pulls on my desk, so I grabbed my Hammered Metal spray paint and gave all the hardware a few coats. 
While they were drying, I used a roller to apply a few coats of white paint to the frame and drawers of the filing cabinet. And when everything was dry I attached the hardware.
Lastly, I added a plank of pine which I had spare to the top of my filing cabinet. 
And this was the finished product.
I'm so happy with the result. It matches in with the rest of my office perfectly. 
:) Julie


  1. This is too cool Julie. I love this idea. What a great re love of this old file cabinet.

  2. I love these kinds of simple and such impact. Looks like a totally different piece now. Hope you have a great upcoming week. Hugs- Diana

  3. Wow! I am so Impressed from your this drawer transformation idea. This is one of the creative ways to make an eye-catching drawer. There are some of the drawers in my home and office which need these drawer transformation. I will surely try this idea for them. Inspite of it! you can also replace old drawers with new one by buying office drawers from value office furniture. Thanks!


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