Valentine's Day Mantle

Happy Valentines Day!

My mantle is complete and I'm super excited to be sharing it today.
 If you saw yesterday's posts you will know I made lots of the cute love related decor for my mantle.
 Including the rustic fabric hearts.

And the framed old book page scroll heart. 

 The nail and string heart art.
 And the crotchet heart and rope garland. 
 All that fun crafting for one day. 
Totally worth it!
:) Julie

Shard at:
Raggedy Bits
Thistle Key Lane


  1. Love all your neutral decor! Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Your mantel is lovely, Julie... and your photos are great, especially considering your wood stove pipe in the middle! That's great! Hope to see you each week at Tuesday Turn About!


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