Bathroom Makeover with Vinyl Planked Floors and Pine Vanity & Mirror

 A few weeks ago I was in Bunnings and saw these gorgeous vinyl floor planks on sale. I hadn't planned on doing a bathroom makeover, but guess what, those tiles somehow jumped in my trolly and before I knew it, I had a new floor.

Which then lead to new cabinet drawers and doors and a mirror makeover. 


I used Senso Self Adhesive Vinyl Planks in Hielo design.

They are described as:
"Self stick vinyl planks. Can be used all throughout your home. Easy to install. No mess, no glue, cuts with a sharp knife.

  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Easy to maintain and hygienic
  • Comfortable and warm underfoot
  • Ideal for wet and dry areas."

I started by cleaning our dreadful orange tiles. I don't know how many times I've said it, but I really hate these tiles. Then I gave them a light sand to rough them up so the tiles would stick better. I began laying the tiles but noticed they weren't sticking completely. I think our floor is just too shiny. So I lifted them back up and applied liquid nails to the backs (using a paint scrapper to obtain an even spread), then placed them back down to dry. Those suckers aren't going anywhere soon!

The planks are a decent 4mm thick so I wont have any dips in the grooves of the existing tiles (like I did on my last attempt to lay vinyl tiles).

For the bathroom and the toilet I bought 2 boxes, but ended up being one plank short. But cause they were on clearance the lovely man at the hardware gave me the sample plank for $1. Problem solved!

We only have a very small bathroom so it didn't take too long to lay the planks and about half way through I realised I could use our table saw to cut them quickly (rather than hand sawing).

There were a few small gaps around the edges which I caulked rather than laying floor moulding.

The design is so pretty. And they feel so nice underfoot. Not like our cold cold orange tiles. It will be so nice in Winter.

Ohh, and you can't have new floors without a new floor mat. I got this one from Big W. I love the stripe design. 


The one thing that really annoyed me about the doors and drawers on our vanity was the design. All the water and dust would constantly accumulate in the grooves. It was a never ending cleaning job.

And, on closer inspection, I realised I could just remove all the drawer fronts and doors and replace them with new wood.  They literally just hammered off. (Please ignore my messy cabinet.)

And now ...

I decided to keep the pine it's natural colour and just give it a clear coat of varnish.

I did change out the silver hardware for black knobs. They provide more contrast.

And, I surprised myself by making my first recessed latch holes. I had to buy a special drill bit, which I may never use again, but it was easier to use the old latches than buy and fit new ones.

I love the natural woodgrain pattern, and with no grooves, the front should wipe down easily.


New look vanity called for some new accessories. The tray, amber glass soap dispenser and jar are all from Kmart.

The new soap holder and toothbrush holder are from Bunnings.


I spray painted the shower rail black a while ago.  It goes well with the new vanity hardware.

And I kept my shower curtains which are actually fabric room curtains from Ikea. 

The shower plant is from a plant obsession phase, which has passed, thankfully. That hobby was expensive! I hung it from the ceiling and it makes the room feel tropical and relaxing.


This was the old mirror. I had done a dry brush with white paint over the wood. 

To match it better to the vanity I took it off the wall, taped the glass and painted the inner decorative moulding with a few coats of white paint. This was easier than trying to remove it.

Next I added some thin strips of pine moulding over the top of the existing frame. 

 And for fun, I added a shelf to the bottom of the mirror. 

And I love how it turned out. 


I decided to do the toilet room as well. Here are our lovely orange tiles. 

And here are our new planks.  The room isn't finished yet. I still need to caulk around the edges, but you get the idea.  And I need to fix the lip of the floors. See how you can still see orange tiles.


When I began laying the planks, I started at the doorway and worked back. Because of the moulding around the doorways, the tiles didn't sit flush with the edge of the doorway. I wasn't concerned as I knew there was a slight dip down in this area and that tiles might not stick well anyway.

I had no idea how I was going to fill the gap at the edges of the doorways. So off to the hardware again where I found this edging moulding.  It was the same height as the tiles so would site flush. 

I measured each door way and cut two lengths of edging. 

The bathroom edge fit really well and I was able to just nail it to the existing wood underneath. 

The toilet however needed an extra strip of wood underneath the overhang. I've used Liquid Nails to secure everything and hopefully it will hold okay.  I'll give them a few coats of clear varnish to water proof them.

For a small bathroom, it feels a lot bigger and brighter and warmer now. 

What do you think?

:) Julie

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