DIY Loft Bed from Ikea Drawers

Today I'd like to share how we converted my son's single bed into a loft bed, for a fraction of the cost of a new loft bed.
My son has quite a small bedroom, so to give him more storage, we decided to convert his bed by raising it.
Firstly, we did some research and gathered our materials.
I found the Ikea Malm chest of 3 drawers to be well made, a great size and reasonably priced for this project. We purchased two of these, some construction pine and some thick MDF.  We also needed screws, brackets and white paint.
To begin, we removed his mattress and the bed slats. 

Then we use a hand saw to remove the legs.

Using some construction pine from Bunnings, hubby constructed a frame for the side of the wall.
It was the length of the bed and the height of the Ikea tallboys, with braces in between.
And my son helped paint it.
We also purchased some MDF sheets to form a base between the side frame and the tops of the Ikea tallboys. These also got a coat of white paint.
Next we bought in our frame and positioned it against the wall.
The Ikea tallboys were constructed and used for the opposite side of the bed. 
The MDF sheets were placed over the tallboys and across the top of the pine frame and screwed into place.

Next the bed frame was positioned on top and also screwed into place.
We used L brackets to secure it.
Lastly, the slats were put back on.
Followed by the mattress and bedding. He uses a foot stool at the end of the bed to climb up and down.  Below he uses as a cubby house. And the drawers hold clothes and toys.
Next time I would install the MDF with the white painted side facing upwards. I could go back and paint them, but to date we haven't bothered. 

So we actually completed this project back in October 2018! I just forgot to post it. 
He still uses this bed, although I think the novelty of climbing up and down has began to wear off. 
:) Julie