Large Peter Cottontail Easter Sign

I wanted to make a new Easter sign this year, so I jumped on Pinterest for some inspiration and came up with my design in Pages on my laptop. I then took a screen shot to save the image as a jpeg.
Next I enlarged the jpeg image on Block Posters to cover a 3x3 A4 page space, and printed it on white paper. I then taped all the pages together to form my enlarged image template. I used a lead pencil to shade the back of my design, and a pen to trace it onto a sheet of white MDF that I purchased from Bunnings.  Then I re-traced everything with black marker.  (My lovely daughter helped me with this. )
Lastly, I used black paint to fill in the bunny. (I'm still debating whether I should lightly sand the paint to give it an aged effect. The kids think not. So nice having them home.)
And as this is an insert for my Cafe sign, I also cut small triangles out of each corner so it is easy to slot in and lift out. I used a small amount of blu tac to secure it.
I look forward to sharing my full Easter Home Tour with you shortly.
Stay safe,

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