The Story of My Favourite Farmhouse Cloche

If you love anything and everything farmhouse, you already know what a cloche is and how many different uses it has. As well as how many different types you can buy.  For those who don't, let's start by looking at the official definition as described in the Mariam-Webster dictionary:

1. A bell or dome-shaped cover. A glass or plastic cover used to protect small outdoor plants from frost. Also a similar cover used indoors to display or protect ornamental objects. A cover (metal or ceramic) placed over food during preparation or serving.

2. a woman's close-fitting hat usually with deep rounded crown and narrow brim. 

Okay, so we are not taking about the hat, although they are very cute too and who knows, they could just come back in style. But I'll leave that for another post. 

We're talking about a glass cover used indoors to display or protect ornaments objects. And so my story begins ...

Meet my favourite little farmhouse cloche.

When I saw this beauty at Habitania I knew I had to have it. As my birthday was approaching in a few months I suggested to my brother that it would be something I would definitely like. So she came home with me. That was 2 and a half years ago. And I still love it just as much.  Here she is Christmas 2017.

But with all stories, there has been some hardships and this little cloche hasn't had the easiest of lives. About a year ago one of my DIY farmhouse shelves collapsed after I didn't put them back up correctly after painting. The glass on my cloche was the only thing that broke. I could have cried. In fact, I may have. I looked everywhere for the perfect size glass cover and found one at Freedom. So, flash back to the old days, I flew out of the house and down to my local Freedom and brought a new one home. Here she is Easter 2018. You can't even tell. 

Flash back to now.  A few weeks ago I was doing some touch up painting in the living room near the mantel (more out of boredom than anything), and I accidently knocked it down again! Yes, the glass broke again. So online shopping I went. Gasp, Freedom no longer had any in stock. I was able to trace another stockist, Palm Beach Collection. You can see it here. I wasn't sure it was the exact same size though so I emailed them first. They got back to me straight away and yes, it was the same one! Woohoo!  

A few days later my beautiful cloche arrived in the mail. Palm Beach Collection even reached out to thank me for shopping with small businesses in theses crazy times. Aww, so nice!  Please check them out as they have the nicest candles and diffusers as well. 

She looks just like new, again! 

I haven't told my brother I've broken the glass twice but if he's reading this he will no doubt know by now. He will also know how much I treasure his gift. ;)   Lots of decor come and go in my house, but this one has been a permanent fixture and hopefully will be for many years to come. 

And this is where my story ends, for now, and me and my cloche live happily ever after.

:) Julie


  1. I love cloches and have not unpacked my own yet since we moved. Sorry I am so late visiting your blog-just trying to catch up a bit. xo Diana


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