Clay Saucer for Vintage Keys

I was at Flower Power last weekend looking for some new pots, when I found this cute little saucer that I knew would make a great little display dish.
It's called the Tao Round Saucer and is approximately 17cms in diameter. 
The website says it is a:
handcrafted, natural terracotta saucer. It is created from unique clay that can only be sourced from one metre underground, in rural Western China. Using old traditional techniques, it is finished in a burning kiln with wooden logs that create an exceptional surface. This saucer is then treated with water, sunlight, rain and moisture on farmland over several months until moss grows to achieve a naturally aged aesthetic.
How cool is that! They also make pots in similar designs, but unfortunately they didn't have many in stock. So I'm currently researching ways to make my own.
In any case, I love this saucer as a display dish. The keys are old clock keys and some vintage furniture keys thrown in for good measure.