New Rugs in the Living Room

Today I'm excited to be sharing my new living room rugs with you. And with everyone spending so much time at home, it means they will get lots of use. I'd actually been holding off buying new ones with everything that has been happening. But then ...
Every so often Bunnings has beautiful promotional rugs on sale for a significantly lot less than what you might pay elsewhere. In fact, this is where I got my last rugs. (Which will go in another room.) So when they had some new ones come in recently, in such gorgeous colours, I had to grab a couple for the living room. 
This time, I went with the larger size of 200 x 290cms, compared to the 160 x 240cms. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it makes a big difference to the room.  Especially given our floor boards are original and can make the room feel cold sometimes.  This one is a pretty light brown colour, with sprinkles of dusty blue, deep brown and deep blue. It still looks super neutral in the room and fits with my farmhouse style perfectly.
I had planned on only buying one, but then I saw this one and I couldn't leave without it. It's super soft and the light colour really makes the coffee table pop.
It's a cream colour, with a pattern of soft browns and dusty blues.
The kids had been complaining they wanted a softer rug under the coffee table. This is where they have snacks and watch TV so it is a space we use daily. You may remember I had an Ikea natural jute rug here before. I loved the feel of it under feet in summer, it was easy to vacuum and seemed to hide any marks. But I have to agree, in winter something softer is nicer. I'm just hoping we can keep such a light colour clean.
I like that they are different so they break up this room a bit and separate the TV area from the fire place area.  Speaking of which, we are all loving the warmth our fire place is throwing out on this chilly Autumn day in Sydney.  We are all home today. The kids went back to school one day each this week and I worked Monday and Tuesday as a special needs teacher. Being back has been a bit daunting for all of us, but also nice for the kids to see their friends again and get back to a new sort of normal.
But today is a pyjama day!
Take care and stay safe.