Display Cabinet Repaint and Lighting

I've been wanting to give our display cabinet a new coat of paint. The clear varnish I previously used and which said no yellowing, actually yellowed! You only noticed it up close, but it still bugged me, especially when I was up close!

I noticed on one of the corners the paint had cracked and was beginning to peel. So I pulled at it and a whole section of paint came off! You know how devastating and satisfying that is at the same time. Am I right or am I right?

So I kept peeling. It was actually good to take a few coats of paint off. Messy but good.

I debated lots of new and exciting colours like a pale green, black, grey, beige, but I decided to go with white again, on hubby's advice. (He knows me too well!)

So I applied two fresh coats of DIY white chalk paint (1 cup British Paints Ceiling Paint mixed with 1 tablespoon of superfine grout), lightly sanding between each coat.

Next I decided to lightly distress some of the edges by hand. 

To seal I went with another clear coat of poly. Fingers crossed this time there is no yellowing. 

I also decided to change out the hardware for pure black knobs. I just liked them better than the hammered metal ones. 

I love my display cabinet, but it is so dark inside. I wanted to add some sort of lighting. I did some research and lots of people were using puck lights as an alternative to having to wire lights or have annoying power cords. 

Bunnings had a few options, but I ended up going with these ones ...
Lytworx Remote Control Battery Operated Puck Lights - 3 Pack
There were the smallest ones I could find for our cabinet and were remote controlled. 

When I got them home I cut open the packaging and tried the remote. Nothing. I opened the remote and saw I needed to pull out the black plastic between the battery connections. Tried again and still nothing.

I checked the package and there were literally no instructions on how to use these things. So I though maybe the remote batteries were dead so I replaced them. Still nothing.

I knew the pucks themselves had 3 batteries each so I unscrewed one of them and that is when I saw a very tiny piece of black plastic poking out. I pulled it out and tried again. Yes, one was working. But trying to get the button, the button surround and the rest of the wires and chip board back in place and screwed back together was a nightmare. I had to try several times and it was frustrating. Then I had to do the same with the other 2. They weren't as hard to get back together, but by this time I was not a happy lady.   

The pucks have double sided tape to attached them, which was fine for the two lower shelves, but the roof of our cabinet is curved and it would not stick. Luckily I had some double sided tape on hand. 

So eventually, all the pucks were installed and working.  This is them at night.

I love the way they light up our cabinet shelves. I also love using the remote to control them and being able to set the half hour timer. 

However, I am concerned about how long the batteries are going to last.  Next time I may go with a plug in version of lighting with a wall timer attached, similar to our Christmas light set up.  

Take care everyone.