DIY Faux Shiplap

I really wanted to do some shiplap on the main wall in our combined living/dining area.

After a lot of research, I knew this would not be a cheap project. I was also concerned about some DIYers saying that the gaps in the shiplap can attract dust on the wall. Dusting the walls was the last thing I wanted to have to deal with.   I'd read about Sharpie Texta faux shiplap, but it too had differing opinions about it looking genuine or just plain tacky. 

Having said that, I had previously baulked at doing the faux wallpaper bricks behind the fireplace, and that turned out so real looking.

So ... I decided to give the sharpie shiplap a try.

Here is the before ....

And the result .....

I'm actually pretty happy with it!

All I used was a Sharpie Pen, lead pencil and a large spirit level.

I began by measuring my wall from top to bottom above the wainscotting, which was approximately 134 cms. I researched the width most people used for their boards and it turned out being 6-8 inches each, or 15.24 cms to 20.32 cms each. I wanted my "boards" to be relatively even so I did some calculations and went with 7 boards, each 19.25 cms in width.

I made a pencil mark up the wall for each board, then used the level to trace on my black lines. I was brave and didn't use a pencil line first. I just crossed my fingers and hoped the level would keep my lines straight and neat. They were definitely straight and relatively neat.

I used this method on both sides of the fireplace.

I'll admit, I did have to touch up a few of the lines with white paint and make them a bit neater. But I have now got the hang of holding the texta on a certain angle to get the neatest lines, especially the most top and most bottom lines. 

I only did the area above the wainscotting. I had debated trying to remove the wainscotting and take the shiplap to the floor, but I was worried about damaging the wall too much. And given we have a lot of furniture around the walls it it is not an issue to just have the top done.

And honestly, I don't mind that it is not real shiplap. The effect is the same, giving the wall some extra detail and interest.  I'm really happy with the width I chose too. 

I especially love how the lines look on the wall above our dining table.

Again, not perfect but I don't intend to be standing close to the wall and analysing every line.

I'm even considering doing it on some other walls. And the best part is I already had the Sharpie so it didn't cost a cent.

So for anyone considering doing Sharpie Shiplap I say go for it! It's quick, easy, and super cheap. 

Good luck!