A Very Simple Christmas Garland For the Mantle Made from Paper Doilies and Twine

 [Warning: This post contains a sneak peak at my Christmas mantel. ;)]

When I was unpacking this years decorations I came across a packet of very cute small round white paper doilies. 

They became the inspiration for this very simple but sweet doily and twine garland.

To begin, I measured out my twine across my mantel and cut a strand a bit longer. 

Then I folded about 10 doilies in half and poked a hole in towards the top of the centre of the doily. 

I threaded a few onto my twine, then measured it against the mantle until I was happy with the spacing and the amount. 

Multiple garlands always look better so I teamed it with a string of glistening silver bells.

I love making new elements to add to my Christmas decor each year, don't you?