DIY Epsom Salts Snow Ball Tree Decorations

Happy 1st of November everyone!

There is officially 54 days until Christmas! 

And this year more than ever I think it's time to start decorating. 

So today I'm excited to be officially sharing my first Christmas post. My DIY Epsom Salts Snow Ball Tree Decorations. What a mouthful! 

 I really wanted large white baubles on my Christmas tree this year, but I either could find the right size or they were super expensive. So I decided to make my own. 

I did some research on Pinterest and decided to make my balls using Epsom Salts, sort of like a snowball effect. 

I purchased some foam balls at Spotlight. I got a combination of 10cm and 6cm balls. 

I had a bag of Epsom Salts on hand which I poured into a small bowl. 

Using Mod Modge I coated half the ball with a basting brush (cause I couldn't find a better brush).

 Then pressed my ball into the Epsom Salts and set them aside to dry.

Then I did the same on the other half of the ball, and waited for it to dry also. 

Next, I cut some small lengths of twine and tied them into loops. I used a sewing pin and hot glue to secure the twine loops to my snow balls. 

I lightly tapped any loose Epsom Salts off before hanging them on my tree. 

But I'm saving my tree reveal for another post. ;)