A Cherry Merry Christmas Gift

A few weeks ago we headed to the Ross Family Orchard in Mudgee to pick cherries. As a family, we enjoy a good fruit picking trip. There is nothing like the taste of fruit straight off the tree. 

And, as with every trip, we picked more than we could eat!

So, I decided to Christmas gift some to my friends.  I found some really cute Christmas bowls at Kmart to place them in and some clear cellphone for wrapping.

And printed off some cute cards to attach with some twine and a sprig of faux greenery.

You could gift wrap similarly any fruit in season and they would make a great Christmas present for friends, neighbours or even family!

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  1. What a really cute idea. Where are you that you can pick cherries this time of year? The only thing we can pick is icicles. lol.

  2. Lol Diana. I'm in Sydney, Australia so we are in a very hot and humid summer. I'll happily swap you!


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