Neutral Christmas Gift Wrapping


To wrap our presents this year, I wanted to keep it neutral, as always. With a bit of rustic, some green, white and brown paper. And this was the end result. 😍

So I found these rolls of cute Christmas tree paper at Target. Now I could go on for days and days about how great this paper is. You see, little did I know, it has grid lines on the back!!! I mean, how good is that?!  Finally I can cut my paper nice and neat and STRAIGHT. Why isn't all paper like this? Truely, this may be the best purchase I made all year. Okay, maybe not, but so satisfying nonetheless.

Did I mention how cute it is too? And super thick! Thank you Target!

I found my labels online a while back and printed them off. Unfortunately, I now can't find where I got them from. So, if they are yours or you know where I may have got them from, please let me know so I can give them full credit for these sweet labels. 

Besides looking so adorable, I love that you can write on the back of them, instead of the fronts, so they still look perfect on our presents. 

And to complete my wrapping I used some twine and burlap string.

And there's still plenty of room for Santa to add some more presents. 😉

Only 2 more sleeps in Australia!