My Bedroom Makeover Drywall Disaster


Do you ever do something on the spur of the moment, and then totally regret it? 


Doh, doh, doh! 😩

I have to admit, this recent mistake was a b-eau-ty. 

And I've been procrastinating about whether to write this post for a few weeks, while wallowing in my DIY failure at the same time. But I've decided to be brave and share some of the not so pretty pictures of my most recent project - our main bedroom makeover. So here we go. 

  I loved my Sharpie Shiplap in the living room so much I decided to carry it over to our main bedroom. 

However, back in April 2017, when I was obsessed with board and baton, I attached with Liquid Nails some MDF board and baton on the walls in our bedroom. You can see all the details here.

So, in order to do my Sharpie Shiplap, I figured I'd have to take off the strips of MDF. 

So, "on the spur of the moment", I grabbed a Stanley knife and scored the edges of the MDF, then slid a paint scrapper underneath and started prying it off.  What I didn't realise was I was also ripping off layers of paint and drywall at the same time. 😖

And once a thick layer of paint started peeling off as well, I just kept peeling, like you do. Double doh! Until one wall was bare and the damage was progressing around to the next wall. 

Talk about a mess. The wall was super uneven. So I went to Bunnings and bought two different wall fillers but my filling was also tragic and made the wall appear even worse, which was actually possible. I seriously wanted to cry.

At this point I admitted defeat and begged hubby to help me.  

He suggested we try sanding with an orbital sander plugged into a vac. Bad idea. Dust went everywhere straight away. 

Although probably not the best idea, but as a last resort, we decided to cover the damaged walls with sheets of MDF so it would be a flat surface again. So we purchased a 3mm sheet and cut it to size to fit the damaged walls. The walls of course were not square so it was a bit of trimming here and there. I didn't cover above the wardrobe doors so there is a slight step there but you have to look closely. 

We stuck the sheets to the walls with Liquid Nails (so not a fan of this stuff any more, but I had no other choice). Then I caulked the edges and applied 2 coats of primer. The light switch insert is unfortunately pretty rough looking. I'll have to figure out how to fix that next. 

So, after much research, I've learned that once you glue MDF to your walls with Liquid Nails, it is almost impossible to remove without causing a lot of damage. 

I'm not giving up on the idea of doing my Sharpie Shiplap, but I think only on the walls ABOVE the current board and baton walls. 

To be continued ...