Spotlight Home Decor for the New Year


I have accumulated a number of new home decor items from Spotlight that I'm excited to be adding to my home this year and wanted to take the time to show you them all. 😊

No. 1 - My New Living Room Wall Clock

This was a birthday present I received in December and haven't had a chance to share with you all yet. Isn't it beautiful. 

We had our old clock for about 10 years (long time I know!), and although I love it, I just felt it was time for something different. I saw this one in Spotlight and immediately put it on my "birthday wish list". Then I bought it and told my family it was from them. As you do when you are a parent. Lol. 

And guess what. I love it! And guess what else. It doesn't make a loud ticking noise. It's whisper quiet. Nothing worse than ticking clocks when you are trying to take a nanna nap on the lounge during the day. Not that I would know, of course. 😉

No. 2 - Large Highland Cow Print

This Highland Cow Print was also a birthday present. I was going to hang it above our bed in the bedroom, however I decided to keep the shelf above our bed so it has been delegated to the sunroom/my home office. 

I have this thing for Highland cows lately. Surely I'm not the only one? 😉

Anyway, this print is a massive 70 x 100cms and has a pretty wooden frame. I love it too. 💖

Another little nugget I found at Spotlight is this cute little wooden horse.  Isn't it just the cutest. 😍 It's even got a jute twine mane and tail! 😍😍. And measures a generous 20 x 19cms.

No. 4 - Simply Blessed Wall Sign

I purchased this sign a few months ago and just haven't found the right spot for it. As at time of publishing, I still haven't found the right spot. 😂  But I really do feel it sums up all the wonderful people and things in my life and sometimes it's easy to forget so this sign is a wonderful reminder.

I sure hope to have it hung before next year. 😜

No. 5 - Pillar Candle Holders

And lastly, from "you guessed it", Spotlight, these cute pillar candle holders. These were also on my birthday  list, but when I went to get them, they had sold out. They have been in the back of my mind for weeks, so I took the plunge (okay, I dove straight in) and ordered them online. Thanks to Covid they still haven't arrived in the mail. But I'm so sure they will be worth the wait. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new goodies.

Happy Weekend!