Styling Our Bed for Summer Using Neutral Bedding, Bamboo Sheets and Silk Pillowcases

TGIF peeps! 

It's been a restful week. My back is finally on the mend so we've been doing some work on the ceiling beams in the living and dining rooms. It seems like we keep running into problems along the way. It certainly is harder than some of the other blog posts make it look. Anyway, I'll share all the wonderful obstacles when it's complete.

Today I'm sharing our summer bedding choices from some of my favourite stores including Adairs, Spotlight, Bed Bath n Table, Kmart and Target Australia. 

I know some people are experiencing brutal Winters in other parts of the world, but here in Sydney, Australia we have had a rather cool Summer. We still get muggy days, but with our new roof insulation (full post here), we don't feel the heat in the house too badly. So with that said, let me take you through our warmer weather bedding choices.


I was intermittently waking up overheated during the night until I did some research and decided to purchase a set of bamboo sheets which I read had cooling properties. The ones I purchased were from Kmart and a lot cheaper than most other stores.  

They are the first set I have owned so I can't compare them with others, but I'm really happy with them. They are so soft and definitely feel cooler. They have washed up well and are just really comfortable to sleep in.  

We don't usually use a top sheet, just a quilt, however, the top sheet is definitely growing on me, especially cause these sheets truely are so soft and cool. 


We don't usually use a blanket on our bed either, but when I bought the bamboo sheets, I wanted to buy a light weight blanket to go on top so we could loose the heavy quilt. I chose this lightweight waffle blanket from Bed Bath n Table in stone colour. I've had waffle blankets before and they can be quick scratchy, but this one is lovely and soft and really well made. I did get it on sale but it was still more than I would usually spend but well worth it. 


Our quilt is from Target. It's the Australian Wool Light Warmth Quilt.  We also have a heavier weight one in the same brand for Winter. If I had to purchase a new quilt again, I'd probably go for more of an all season one, to save swapping it out all the time. 

I don't love this quilt, but I don't hate it either. It's a meh. It does what it's supposed to.  I think I more plush one would be nicer. 


Our quilt cover is from Adairs. I purchased one and loved it so much that I bought another one exactly the same. Now I don't have to choose different ones or worry about it drying in time during winter. It's such a beautiful soft cotton fabric which washes well and the neutral colour means I can add different tones and textured accents.


My sleep pillow is a duel core polyester fill from Target. It isn't expensive, but it is comfortable and the right height for me. Like so many others, we have bought all sorts of pillows made from different materials and ranging greatly in price in search of the Holy Grail. We haven't found it yet. 

Our pillowcases are a faux silk (polyester but feel like silk and are a lot cheaper) from Adairs. They are soft against your face and supposed to cause less frizz in your hair. I'm not sure about that,  but they are cool and comfortable. They wash up well and overall I've very happy with them.


I love our European pillows. They are from Adairs and are a beautiful quality Lux High Loft pillow with a down-like filling. Hubby picked these and I was quite impressed!  They look and feel so luxurious. I'd highly recommend them. 
The pillow cases are a new purchases from Adairs shopping outlet. Usually $50 each and marked down to $10 each.  They are a soft linen and cotton blend with a tan and white check pattern.  I love being able to pic up different cases to use with existing bedding. 


The throw was also a recent purchase from my outlet shopping trip. It's very soft and thick, probably more of a winter throw. I'd probably swap it out with a cotton one during the Summer months.


We don't make our bed with throw cushions. I usually just use some from our sofa when I need to dress up our bed. 😁

So that brings us to the end of this post. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and take care,
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