10 Year Blogiversary and 10 Projects That Have Stood the Test of Time

Hi everyone! 

I'm so excited cause today is my 10th birthday!

 Or my blog's birthday. 

Either way, we are 10 years old!!!😁🙌🎉🎈

Yep, 10 years I have been blogging away about our home and my DIY projects. 

Some changes have stayed the same, some have changed again. And some have changed back to the way they started! You know how much I like to change things! 😜

My decorating style has evolved, and I'm very happy to say so has my photography! (Please excuse some of the earlier photos. 😱 )

To celebrate, I thought today it would be fun to look back at some projects from my first few years of blogging that have stood the test of time. 

So without further adieu ....

1. Side Table Make Over - 28/10/11

This little shelf unit I got at a garage sale. It has had a number of makeovers over the years. 

And after finally deciding on my traditional white, and the addition of this sign as a door, it is still functioning as our device charge station! I love how compact and useful this piece is.  The shelves allow the kids to place their iPads, phones, etc, separately inside to charge each night. A total keeper for many years to come!

(Please note it is never this tidy. There are usually cords spilling out everywhere. And if I opened the door they would all come tumbling out! 😂 )

2. Hubby's Hall Table Roadside Rescue - 5/3/2012

There's a long and funny story behind this one and I'll link my original post here for you to read at your leisure. 

The one and only makeover this hall table had was to remove the bubbling top and give it a few coats of chalk paint. 

It still stands proudly in our entryway. 

With so many funny memories, this one will be very hard to let go of. Ever! 😂

3. Wooden Cabinet - 9/1/12

This cabinet was also a garage sale find. It has also had a few different coats of paint over the years.

But ended up, you guessed it, white! I also replaced the caster wheels on the bottom with some legs cut down from an old coffee table. It is a great little solid wood storage cabinet. We hide all our dvds and  electronic cables, etc in here. 😁

4. $1 DIY Glass Cloche - 29/1/12

This is literally a glass jar turned upside down, on top of a glass candle holder, turned upside down. Lol. 😂 And I'm pretty sure I got both pieces at garage sales for like fifty cents each. 

And do you see it on the middle shelf? It still sits proudly in my display cabinet after all these years. I used to put different things in it depending on the season, but I really do love the nest with the eggs. 

5. Old Crate - 20/1/12

I got this crate for free at a market. The guy literally said take it. So I did. Lucky me!😃

 I got it home, gave it a clean up and a sand. Stencilled on the numbers and gave it a clear coat. Then added cute little casters so it rolled. It was the first project that I shared on link parties and it actually got featured! 

I haven't done anything with it since. I usually store it under the dining room buffet. I have had it out at Christmas as a decorative item, bit it usually just holds decor I'm not using.  I'm super proud of this project and it is definitely a keeper. 😊

6. Old Shutters - 13/1/12

These were another roadside rescue.  I had been wanting old shutters for a while and when I saw these ones for free, I snapped them up!

Initially they got a couple of coats of teal spray paint and then some sanding/distressing and were put on display in the living room for a while.

But they added more interest in our small hallway and with a coat of creamy white paint and some distressing, this is where they have lived for a few years now. They are really fun to dress up at Christmas time too! Add them to the keeper list! 😉

7. DIY Faux Vintage Window - 6/2/12

I made this faux window from a large picture frame and a stick of dowel glued down the centre. I added some white paint and some black paint smudged on to create an aged effect. 

Flash forward to now and I have added another dowel in the opposite direction, repainted the frame white and added faux distressing with brown paint. I love this faux window and have it currently displayed on our new fireplace mantel. 

 8. Numbered Nesting Tables - 14/6/12

These are one of my most favourite items in our house and one of the very first chalk paint projects I attempted. I purchased these from a lady on Gumtree. When I arrived at her house she said I could have them for free, but I insisted on paying for them. 

And they have been worth every penny. I was so happy with how the number stencilling turned out too. They have been a constant over the years in my living room as a side tables. I haven't done anything further to them over the years, although they have acquired a few spilt drink marks. One day I'll touch them up. 😉  

9. Window Mirror 11/7/12

I'm pretty sure I got this mirror at a garage sale. Of course it had to be painted white and distressed.

It has been spent most of it's life on my living room cabinet. I love the way it reflects everything I put on top. 😀 (And it covers a powerpoint on the wall behind that is placed ridiculously high on the wall. 😣 )

10. Vintage Buffet - 12/7/12

This was a Gumtree purchase from a lovely old lady. She also sold me my glass display cabinet (that I also still have!).

Like many of my other furniture pieces, we'll never know just how many coats of paint it wears, but it certainly has stood the test of time. The most recent update was a change of hardware to more simple black knobs and handles. I have it in my dining room area and use it to store all sorts of stationary, hardware, books, and junk. 


After 10 years and 700 posts, I still love blogging all my DIY adventures. 😊

 I'm still finding new projects to keep me motivated and busy, which has been a blessing during such a difficult time in our world. 🙏

And I am truely grateful to all my followers and visitors for all your support. 

Thank you! 💗

And here's to many more posts for many more years! 🙌 

Take care and stay safe,


  1. Congratulations! I love all the projects you shared and the funny story about your husband. :)

  2. I love your projects. Awesome job!


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