My New Highland Cow Canvas Print from Photowall

 Happy Thursday friends!

(Please note this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Special 25% off discount code at end of post!)

I'm so excited to be collaborating with Photowall! Photowall are an online company in Sweden who supply gorgeous digitally printed wallpapers, canvas prints and posters. When I first visited their website I was blown away by the variety of images, including the ability for you to upload your own images. 

When choosing my canvas print, I was so impressed with the simplicity of the process. All you need to do is select your image and decide on canvas, poster or wallpaper. I chose a canvas, then selected a size and how I wanted the edge of my canvas to look. It was that easy! 

The only hard part was choosing which image I wanted! 😁

True to my farmhouse style, I chose this gorgeous Highland Cow image from their website.

Their website images are easy to search and their canvas size options range from 16 to 59 inches. I really wanted this print to be featured over my dining room table so I chose 90 x 60 cms. The price will vary depending on the size you choose. 

Postage from Sweden to Australia was fast and I was able to track the delivery via DHL.

My item was packed well and arrived in perfect condition.

Then it was time for the unboxing! 

I've put together a quick video of the unboxing and putting together that you can see here or by clicking the image above. 😊

Photowall also has a great video tutorial on their website on how to construct your frame. 

Included in my the box was the canvas print (neatly wrapped), my wooden frame, paper instructions, and

a goodie bag containing screws and brackets to construct your frame, plus a wall screw and hanging bracket. 

First step is to lay your canvas face down on a flat surface. Then you take a side of your frame and peel off the paper. The frame is made from 1 1/4 inch thick ash wood, making it light but sturdy. 

You line up the edge of your frame with the edge of your canvas, positioning it approximately 12mm in on each side. (I lined mine up with the pre-cut folds.)

You do this or on all the sides. Pressing each side down firmly so that the canvas sticks to the adhesive on the wooden frame.

Next you fold up the corner pieces on all four corners.

And then fold all the edges over and inwards. 

Then you position all the corner brackets.

And screw them onto the frame with the black screws provided. This was really easy to do and the screws all went in smoothly. You don't even need a screwdriver!

Then you simply install your wall bracket. I have never seen one of these canvas wall brackets before and I was super impressed. It makes hanging canvases so easy. 

Lastly, I hung up my gorgeous new canvas, using a level to ensure it was straight. 

What I also love about my new canvas is that it is printed on high quality 100% cotton canvas which is UV-resistant. And the print quality is fantastic. The image is clear and the colours vibrant.

Overall, Photowall has a very user friendly website and has an impressive range of designs and products that are of a great quality.  Ordering was easy and turnaround very quick. Putting the frame together was actually part of the fun!

 I must admit I was so tempted to get some wallpapers for the kids rooms and this might be something I do at a later date. I've never hung wallpaper before but their website has an awesome video tutorial that makes it look so easy! 

I would definitely recommend checking Photowall out by clicking here

And, for my readers, if you order before 30 September 2021 and use code restylerelove25 you will receive 25% off your purchase! 

Good luck deciding between all of their awesome products!

Take care and stay safe everyone.