New Look Dining Room with an Old Table

Hi friends,

Happy Sunday!

Did you all see my new mantel? If not, click here for all the details. I'm still so excited about it.

Today we spent some time out in the backyard doing some "family gardening". The kids hate it of course, but the yard is looking somewhat like a jungle, so everyone needs to pitch in. Plus it gets us all off our devices and out in the fresh air for a few hours. 😉 

During the week I did a bit of furniture swapping and wanted to share our new look dining room.

This is our original dining table. It has had a number of makeovers over the years. And a number of times I almost sold it. It has been out on our back verandah for a while. So I decided to bring it back in for a change. 

This is the table we used to have in the dining room area. I purchased it a few years ago from a closing down Early Settler store. It was an absolute bargain and I loved the metal legs and gorgeous wood top. It was narrower than our other table, and longer. For that reason I used to butt it up against the wall and sacrifice one of the chairs.  I also found it difficult to have a centrepiece at meal times as the table was so narrow.
But when I bought our old table back inside, I decided to try putting it in the centre of the room. 
And it worked perfectly! 
I also decided to do away with the jute rug from under the table. (My crumb catcher.) I like that the chairs slide easier and they all have felt protectors on the legs so they don't scratch the floor. 
I love that my cow print wall is still a feature to the room. And this wall can still be changed up and decorated depending on the season.
I do love the large bold timber legs on this table. The legs are a bit shorter and I was going to raise it up, but we are getting used to the height now.
Given the table was outside for a while, and even though it was undercover, it has still aged naturally slightly. 
I love the lighter coloured wood and all the character the table has. I'm also not so scared about scratching it. 
It also contrasts a lot better with my DIY wooden box table centrepiece. 
And I don't have to move the centrepiece at every meal. 😊
I'm keeping the other table for when I change my mind again. 😂 It will also be great for Christmas lunch when we need an extra table. 

This space feels a lot bigger now and easier to move around. 

I'm still deciding whether I should rub and buff the chandelier in European Gold. What do you think?

I still have some further decorating to do on the other side of the dinning area where our buffet is. And I'll share that shortly.

For now, take care and stay safe everyone!


  1. I do prefer the table with the white legs. If my dining room were bigger, that is what I would have there. Right now I have an oval table. I find the rounded corners are easier to walk by in my narrow space. I like the chandelier as it is, without the rub n buff. We had a similar one, but changed out the glass for some wire cages found on Amazon. I love the new look.


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