7 Days of DIY Christmas Tree Decorations - Day 2 - DIY Old Book Page Angel Ornaments


Happy Tuesday Friends and welcome to Day 2 of my ....

Today I'm sharing my DIY Old Book Page Angel Ornament. This ornament is super easy to make and cost me nothing as I was able to use items I already had. 

First I grabbed my "go to old book page" book. As you can see, I've already used a number of pages. 

The pages are approx 13cms x 20cms. I torn out 2 pages, and then cut them so that there was a blank edge for my sleeves. The dimension of the page after cutting were 8.5cms x 17cms.

Next I concertina folded the pages approx 1.2cms in width. 

Then I folded down the sleeves to make them approx 5.5cms in length. You want the blank paper to form most of the sleeves.

Next I glued the centre of the dress, and the sleeves to the dress.  Note - Leave an approx 1cm gap at the top of the middle of the dress for gluing your hanger.

Just by looking I could tell my dress was going to be too long so I trimmed it to measure 9cms.

Fan out your little angel and grab a bead for the head and some twine for hanging. 

Next I glued my hanging twine into the 1cm gap I left when I glued the centre.

If you want your angel to have a halo, grab a pipe cleaner and wrap it around your finger.

Twist the ends together.

Slip it off your finger and bend the stem down. 

Chop your hallo to about a 2cm stem, and hot glue it to the back of your bead.

Thread your bead onto your twine hanger.

And hot glue your beaded angel head onto your angel's dress.

Hot glue on a pretty shiny bow at the neck of your angel and you're ready to hang it on your tree. 

As long as you have an old book, you may only have to buy some beads, pipe cleaners and ribbon. 

I saw similar angels to this in store coincidently and they were $6.50 each! These ones turned out better and a lot cheaper. You could also add faces, hair and any other embellishments you like. 

See you tomorrow for Day 3 of my DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments!

And if you missed Day 1, you can see it here!