7 Days of DIY Christmas Tree Decorations - Day 3 - DIY Crochet Chain Wool Baubles


Happy Wednesday Friends!

I hope you have been having a great week. I was doing a bit of painting around the house today. I do love to paint!

Today is Day 3 of my DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments!

And today I'm sharing my DIY Crochet Chain Wool Baubles. 

For this project I decided to restyle some old 6cm baubles that I wasn't using. 

For my chain I used a size 6 crochet hook and a chunky white wool, similar to a 12 ply.  For each bauble it worked out I needed approximately 110 chain. I found it easiest to make all my chain and not tie off my wool until after I had glued it on. 

To begin, I hot glued the end of the chain to the top of the bauble.

Then I wrapped the chain, gluing every few cms as I went. 

Until I reached the end. Then I cut off and slip stitched my chain to tie if off.

I glued the end down to cover the bottom of my bauble to finish it off. 

I used organza ribbon for my hanger. The bauble had a small opening for the ribbon, so I used a piece of wire, folded over to pull the ribbon through.

And there you have it. I think I made about 8 of these and they literally took no time to make. 

I could imagine making more in different shades of wool to hang on the tree or stack in a pretty bowl. 

Join me tomorrow for another DIY!

Take care and stay safe!