7 Days of DIY Christmas Tree Decorations - Day 4 - DIY Vintage Cotton Reel Ornaments (and Mini Trees)


Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wow, whose idea was it to post every day for a week? The things I do for you guys. 😂

Today is Day 4 of my ...

Today I'm sharing my DIY Vintage Cotton Reel Ornaments.  And this is probably the quickest and easiest vintage ornament you could make. 

All you need are some vintage cotton reels which are readily available on eBay. In fact, that is where I got mine. 😊 And some twine or ribbon. I used jute twine became I love the rustic feel.  I also used the hooked wire that I used on my Chain Wool Bauble Ornaments.

All you need to do is pull your twine through the middle of your cotton reel. 

And then tie a knot at the end to keep the reel on. Too easy. 

You can make this ornament as basic or complicated as you like. I've gone for basic because I didn't want to damage the labels on my reels, but you can add different embellishments, ribbons, beads, etc.  

They look so cute hung on a Christmas tree.  And you can just pull the twine out and use your reels for decoration or another project after Christmas.  😀

I've also found vintage cotton reels to be great stands/bases for mini trees.  I just took off the current bases of some bottlebrush trees and wrapped them with paper to fit the holes in the reels so they wouldn't fall out.

Placing them in groups with different coloured trees and different size or shaped reels looks really awesome too. 😁

I hope you found some ideas to use from this post in your Christmas decorating. 

And I'll see you all tomorrow for another ornament!

Take care and stay safe!