7 Days of DIY Christmas Tree Decorations - Day 5 - DIY Mini Beaded Wreath Ornaments


TGIF Friends!

Wow, the week has flown. It'll be Christmas before we know it! 

Today is Day 5 of my ...

Today is another very quick and easy ornament. 😊

These are my Mini Beaded Wreath Ornaments.

All you will need are some wooden beads (I upcycled from another Christmas decoration), some pliable wire, scissors or wire cutters, hanging ribbon or twine, and embellishments (I used white ribbon).

Grab your wire and thread on your beads. Add as many as you like in any shape, size and colour. Bend your wire around into a circle and keep adding beads until you have the size you like best. My wreaths are 6cms in diameter. Then twist your wire together and cut off any excess.

Grab your ribbon or twine and attach a hanger to your desired length.

Decide what embellishments you want on your wreath. You could add mini pinecones, holly, flowers, etc. 

I chose a white ribbon bow. 

Hot glue your embellishments onto your wreath and you're done!

Join me tomorrow for my DIY Vintage Metal Ornaments! 

Take care and stay safe!