My Neutral Farmhouse Ikea Christmas Tree with Handmade Ornaments

 Happy Weekend Friends!

If you are in Sydney, I hope you are not feeling as waterlogged as I am. We have had so much rain in the last  week, with more to come. Getting washing dry is a nightmare and everything smells of damp. But that hasn't stopped people shopping. Stores have been crazy busy this week. Then again, it is less than 4 weeks till Christmas. Have you started your Christmas shopping? 

Speaking of Christmas, I'm so excited to be sharing my 2021 Christmas Tree! 😊

This year I decorated my tree with all handmade ornaments from my ...

I purchased my tree from Ikea. It's the Vinter 205cm tree for $99. I have never owned a sparse tree before. But I do love the artificial pine needle branches on this tree. They are very real looking, with none of the mess. And they hold your ornaments on so well as they sort of interlock your decoration hangers in the needles.

This tree is not pre-lit so I purchased a box of string lights from Kmart. They are 30 metres long in a warm white colour with 8 flashing functions. I prefer to have the lights on and not flashing as I find it too distracting. Given this was a sparse tree, I found it was best to wrap my lights around the individual branches. I'll admit I had to experiment with placing them and it may have taken 3 attempts to get them evenly distributed on the tree. 😬 But I got there in the end. 😁

I've placed my recently acquired old wooden door behind the tree. I love the vintage backdrop it provides. 😍

And I've added all my handmade ornaments including my DIY Old Book Page Angel Ornaments,  

I can't wait to share the rest of my Christmas home decorations with you all in the coming week. 

Until then, take care and stay safe.
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  1. So many adorable ornaments! I have made ornaments for our tree over the years and it is one of my favorite things to do for Christmas! I'll be makiing some of your for sure. Thanks so much. Pinned 😊


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